My 1st Investments Coloring Book – R. LaMont W.

My 1st Investments Coloring Book – R. LaMont W.

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour for My 1st Investments Coloring Book by R. LaMont. W, V. Honey Savoy and Khaliah T Ingram. The book tour will run July 19-30, 2021. 




ISBN-13: 978-1519467249


Reading age: 7 – 9 years


Grade level: 2 – 3


Book Title: My 1st Investments Coloring Book




R. LaMont. W

B. A. Degree from UC Davis and an MBA in Finance and Investments from Golden Gate University with 44 years of finance and investment experience.


V. Honey Savoy 

B. A. Degree from the University of Phoenix and author of “What Time is It?”, a children’s book on how to tell time, published in 2007.


Khaliah T Ingram

B. A. Degree in Art Studio from the California State University, Sacramento. She is a digital art/freelance artist since 2005…Gallery online at:




My 1st Investment Coloring Book (the ABC’s of Investments) is dedicated to children and their families who foster a desire to develop financial knowledge. It is a beginner’s guide to developing knowledge critical to their prosperity which is not taught in elementary schools during a child’s formative years. It is the groundwork and the beginning of a foundation for learning financial literacy. Designed as a resource guide it is a keepsake for future reference. 


Learning to read this book plants the seed for financial success and provides knowledge that can never be taken away.





My 1st Investments Coloring Book is a book of characters describing the letters of the alphabet and their meanings. A Glossary of the full definition of each letter and word is located at the end. 


A stands for Account, Asset and Annuity

B stands for Bank, Bond and Broker

C stands for Cash, Cryptocurrency and Check

D stands for Dividend, Deposit and Debt

E stands for Equity, Enterprise and Earnings


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