This Too Shall Pass~~ by David Yuen #christian #nonfiction #newbookalert #wnlbooktour

This Too Shall Pass~~ by David Yuen #christian #nonfiction #newbookalert #wnlbooktour

Write Now Literary is pleased to organize a two-week book tour and Amazon gift card giveaway for This Too Shall Pass by David Yuen. The book tour will run from July 17-28th, 2023.

ISBN: 979-8218186210

Genre: Christian. Poems, Prose & Essays

Meet The Author

Born and raised in NJ as a second-generation Chinese American, David Yuen received a B.A. from Rutgers University and has been writing poetry along with other writing styles for over twenty years. His works have appeared in other publications including Poetry East and Romantics Quarterly.


About The Book


Life is a gift. A fleeting, complicated, painful gift. Life holds death, it holds struggle with God, and it holds precious relationships we easily take for granted. And with every event that threatens life as we know it, our perspective on it changes, whether it’s a pandemic, a shift in politics, the tragedy of war, or personal loss. This Too Shall Pass is an exploration of life—sorrowful, mysterious, funny, and beautiful—through a collection of poems, prose, memoir, and commentary written from a mostly Christian perspective. Life is no small thing. Life is no easy thing. Life is uncertain. But one thing is certain about life: it’s miraculous.



David thank you so much for joining us on Write Now Literary. We’d like our readers to get to know you more.

Tell us what’s your ideal place to write.

I write in a space away from everyone, where the distractions are kept minimal, and I have the time to prioritize what I’m doing. Though this space can be found anywhere from my own apartment, a hotel room, or even on a picnic chair I set up during a hike, most often times it’s at my desk in my bedroom. I try to keep it simple.

How do you choose between ideas you’d like to write about?

Usually, my ideas come when I force myself to sit down in a routine and write something. It’s a discipline that I had to learn and get used to. Mind you, it’s not always that since I have had moments where it was outside of the routine and I got inspired suddenly. But what usually happens is that something catches my attention, I reflect on it, and when my routine comes, the words are crafted. I don’t always write gold—that’s just reality, but at least I’m writing and I go with whatever idea or event that latched onto me.

Has there been a time in your own life when you could really sense God was putting you in a situation for a reason?

Yes. It was when I was taken off guard helping someone that I didn’t know I had to help and wasn’t ready to help. It was also the time when I almost got killed but by some miracle, I was protected and I realized that God needed to show me how fragile life is. It was when I thought I had things under control and then I suddenly lost control completely. It was during all these times.

What advice would you give to a beginning author?

 My best advice is that you seriously ask yourself why you write. Are you writing because you want others to admire you? Are you writing because you want to prove something? Many times, growing up, I convinced myself that I’m writing simply because I was passionate. It wasn’t until later that I realized that many times I was writing for more selfish and prideful reasons. Please have that honesty with yourself. Have that capacity to face uncomfortable truths that you try to hide from. Whether it hurts or it doesn’t, I found that honesty with yourself is what God wants from you.











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