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Do We Offer refunds?

No. Unfortunately, all transactions are final as we begin working on your tour immediately. If the author decides to postpone the tour, they will incur a rescheduling fee of $350.00.  However, this must be requested within 7 days of the initial payment. After this period, the payment will be forfeited, and the author cannot return to request the tour at any time.

What do I need to do once my tour starts?

Once your tour starts we encourage the author to visit each blog and leave a comment to the host. Share to your social networks such as Facebook, IG, or Twitter. Encourage them to share with their friends

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How can I schedule a book tour?

Take a look at our packages and decide which one works best for you.  Once you’ve decided just hit the book a tour button and you’ll be directed to the payment portal to pay for the tour.  Once payment has been secured, we will contact you through email with the tour dates and ask you to upload all the required documents. **Please note no tours are scheduled on the weekends.

What do I need to send to you for the book tour?

You’ll receive an email to upload the following:

  • A blurb of your book
  • Front of the book cover in high resolution 
  • Bio
  • Headshot
  • Links to social media, website and buy links 
  • A pdf of the book
  • Book excerpts (1-3 different excerpts, 200-300 words each) 
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What do you do after I have sent the files and payment?

We send an email out to our book tour hosts. Create the media kit and your author page on our website.  We will use the book cover to create the banner to share on social. Once the bloggers have signed up, we will email you with a request from the bloggers to feature you with either an interview or guest post to complete. 

The tour schedule will be created and emailed to you one week prior to the start of the tour.

Why is every tour required to have a giveaway?

Think of it as “bait” to help draw new readers in where they will see your book, find out more about you and hopefully be intrigued enough to pick up a copy for themselves!

Giveaways do not have to be something extravagant or pricey, the most common prize is an Amazon gift card between $10 – $25 as it can easily be awarded internationally, though you can also offer ebooks, print books, swag, other gift cards or other random items as well. Of course, the better the giveaway, the more entries will be submitted.  We set up the giveaway using Rafflecopter.  Once the tour has ended, you’ll be notified by WNL to make contact with the winner.

Social media

Where will the tour be promoted?

All tours will be promoted inside our Facebook group and our Twitter account. We encourage the authors to promote as well.

What happens if a blogger doesn’t post on the scheduled date?

We try to make sure that doesn’t happen, but unfortunately, life happens. We do send out a gentle reminder email to those blogger who haven’t yet posted on their scheduled date and we do ask our bloggers to post in the am.

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How far in advance should I contact you for a tour?

Once you’ve decided to book a tour with us, we recommend you get in touch with us immediately so we can add you to our calendar.

What do you recommend an author does during the tour?

A pdf with tips on touring will be provide to each author who books a tour with us.

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Does my book have to be a new release to go on tour?

Absolutely not! While I do a ton of new release tours and pre-order tours, contrary to popular belief, “older” books do just as well on tour as new releases! 

A tour is a great way to give older books a great boost and reach all new audiences!

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