Tour Policy

Tour Policy

•All tours must be paid in advance. All transactions are final, (no refunds) as we begin working on your tour immediately.

•Please give us at least 6-8 weeks to properly plan and organize all book tours.

•If you want to offer your book for review – ebooks must be made available in either Mobi, epub or PDF (having a book accepted for review by a host partner doesn’t guarantee a positive review but an honest review based on the reviewer’s opinion. There is also no guarantee that the reviewer/review site will post the review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, etc, but we will encourage them to share the review on as many sites as possible). I will send out the ebook/PDF copies on your behalf.

*We make no guarantee of sales during a tour, though many authors experience a sales increase. The focus of the tour is for you to gain exposure and build a fan base.

•Some reviewers will ask for a paperback copy to review in which you are responsible for mailing out. A list will be provided for you with addresses to send out copies.

•Do we offer a refund policy? No. All payments are NON-refundable including DEPOSITS.

•Authors need to be available for:

Guest blogs On-Line Interviews Character Interviews Radio Interviews on Blog Talk Radio or Podcast if author has selected the package that includes radio initerviews.

We strongly encourage our host sites, as well as our authors, to advertise appearances to guarantee a successful tour. One highlight we’d like to encourage is for our authors to visit the sites they appear on and reply to comments–this interaction is always well received.

*You (the Author, Author’s Representative or Publisher), will provide us with the requested material in a timely fashion, with the understanding that the tour start dates will not be guaranteed and are based on the date requested material and payment is received.

*You understand that we will schedule your tour on blogs we feel are appropriate for your book or story.

*You understand that hosting blogs may not necessarily be the exact same genre as the touring book or story.

*You will take an active part in the tour by visiting blogs, commenting on them, and promoting your tour stops to the best of your ability.

*You understand that all payments received are final, and once remitted, no cash refunds will be issued.

KEEP IN MIND that we coordinate everything and provide bloggers with all of the materials they need for the scheduled tour stops for their sites, however, posting on their scheduled day is the bloggers’ sole responsibility. WNL is not responsible if a blogger posts late or misses a stop. However, we WILL work with the author/publisher to resolve these types if issues if/when they occur.

Once we receive your tour request we will, review it and get back with you within 24 hours.

Please do not fill out the request for a tour unless you are absolutely sure you are ready financially to move forward.


** Once planning has begun and bloggers scheduled a $350.00 rescheduling fee will be charged to change the tour date.

**In addition, If organizer has begun scheduling bloggers and authors who want to change the book originally submitted, authors will be charged a $350.00 book change fee.

Make sure your book has been released and you are promoting the right book.

** If we schedule a radio show interview and for some unforeseen reason the show gets cancelled by the author or show host, we cannot replace that show with another one.

Please Note: All of our bloggers love blogging and love books. They are on our hosting list and when you book a tour, I create your tour page and then send out an invitation to our list of bloggers that are interested in hosting tours. Some blogs may be genre specific, but many will be general book bloggers, meaning they just have a love of books in general.  We did not research other blogs that would be “genre specific” as this goes into an entirely different service than what we provide for our basic tours.

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