God’s Unblinkable Eyes- by Jane Asamoah

God’s Unblinkable Eyes- by Jane Asamoah


Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and E-book Giveaway For God’s Unblinkable Eyes by Jane Asamoah.  The book tour will run Nov 1-12, 2021.

Genre: Juvenile Christian Non-Fiction

ISBN- 978-1950685752

Jane E. Asamoah was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. She lives in Roanoke, Virginia, with her husband and their three precious boys. She is the author of My Mommy’s Name Is Mommy. She will be serving as the new children’s supervisor for Bible Study Fellowship starting this fall. Her heart is to encourage parents to be intentional about helping their children understand God’s Word. The Bible instructs parents not to keep God’s Word to themselves but to tell it to their children so that they in turn will tell it to their own children and enable the next generation to know God (Ps. 78:1-8).


While his mom teaches him about the human eye, seven-year-old Kojo asks a question that sparks a whole new lesson about the eyes of God. Follow along as Kojo learns the many ways God sees His creation–from the plants, animals, and all of humankind to the wide expanse of the universe. God’s Unblinkable Eyes will introduce your family to the wonder of a God who sees–OMNISCIENT!

Check out the video for the Authors backstory to the book!

“During the day, God’s eyes continue to watch over you when you leave your house and when you come home.
He sees you when you are playing with the kids in the neighborhood. God not only sees us here in our house, but He sees everyone in every house in our neighborhood.
Kojo, I want you to think about all the different houses in our neighborhood, the families who live in each house, and each person in each family. God’s eyes see every child and every adult in every family, everywhere in the whole world at the same time.”
“Mom, do you mean God can see William right next door and Grandma in Ghana at the same time?” Kojo asks.
“Yes, He can because he is…”
“OMNISCIENT!! Kojo proudly replies.
“God’s eyes see everyone in every neighborhood in our city. He sees everything in every city in our state, every state in our country, and every country on our continent. In fact, God sees everything about everyone on all seven continents on our planet.”

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