On Tour Now, Terra Cotta Beauty,by Jola Naibi, #newrelease #shortstories #fiction #terracottabeauty

Terra Cotta Follow the daily lives, loves, and hopes of an entire community in Jola Naibi’s moving debut, Terra Cotta Beauty. A carefully crafted selection of short stories, this collection examines life in Lagos, Nigeria, during the era of military rule. It reveals the struggles, loves, and hopes of a disparate group of people whose lives always manage to intersect—sometimes in the most devastating of ways.
With each brief conversation and split-second decision containing consequences that reach further than anyone could ever imagine, each of the book’s seven tales is a delicate thread that helps form the social fabric of a nation divided. [Read more...]

Upcoming Book Blast, My Little People A Social Worker’s Journey, by Annie Brown, #Amazon #Gift Card #Giveaway, October 23, 2014 #Self-Help #Instructional


When facing terminal illness the shock of the news that there are no more medical treatments (chemo or radiation) only comfort measures available can turn your world upside down. Hospice? What is that? Many people have never heard of the word or if they have it has been presented in a negative light.
Annie Brown writes as a hospice social worker giving informative information for patients, caregivers, healthcare professional, and social workers who might have an interest in working in the field of hospice.


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On Tour Now, Trying to Outrun The Love of God, by Karen Adams, October, 1-31, 2014 #Newrelease #Christian #Nonfiction

book cover How can God reach someone who appears unreachable? Will the love of God be enough to break every chain and loose the trap of the enemy? In her debut book, Author Karen Adams struggles to understand how a loving God would allow life to be so unbearable. Facing childhood molestation, years of crack addiction, nervous breakdowns, and admissions to mental wards, she learned that no matter how difficult life was, God continued to extend His love. [Read more...]

Archived, Born At Dawn by Nigeria Lockley, Book Blast and Book Giveaway #Contemporary, #Christian, #Fiction #BornAtDawn, Releasing September 29, 2014

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Thirty-four year old Cynthia Barclay knows that marriage is supposed to be for better or for worse. Unfortunately, for the last ten years of her marriage Cynthia has experienced the worst that marriage has to offer at the hands of her abusive husband Marvin Barclay. With the hope of saving herself and her family she turns to the Lord. Expecting to see God manifest himself greatly in her life sooner than later Cynthia is not content just waiting. She wants out. [Read more...]

Archived, Princess Nevaeh by Paulette Harper, Sept 8-19, 2014 #Children #Earlyreader #KidLiterature

princessbooksixbyninefrontSix year old Nevaeh wants to be something she already is. She will soon learn that her wish to be a princess takes a little more than just asking. Lessons on self-discovery are taught by her Mimi who makes her understand that being a princess takes work. [Read more...]