The Case of Writer’s Block

The Case of Writer’s Block

Give me a second I’m thinking… Writer’s block can be caused by several different things. It definitely is a case-by-case basis per individual. It can be that you’re distracted, stressed, or maybe even you are finding it hard to put your thoughts in order. Sometimes it varies with the length of time to get past it. A few hours, or even months. The most important thing is that you get past it.

What is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is a condition associated with writing (writers) and journalism when the writer loses the ability to produce new work. A creative slowdown. It is when you can’t finish a sentence, your ideas and thoughts just stop. It is a common thing amongst this practice.

How to get rid of Writer’s Block?

There are several ways you may be able to overcome writers block but, you have to find the one that works for you. Take a break from your writing. Ask people questions to get a different prospective. Do more research about the topic in which you are writing about. You can always reach out to others that may have dealt with the same issue to see if they can offer some ideas and/or advice that may work for you. It doesn’t hurt to get some help to get you past the block.

How to prevent it from happening?

You can prevent this from happening by being prepared by having a plan. Thoroughly research the topic by obtaining as much information about what you intend to write about. Having contacts that are readily available to give you information. Learn more creative writing skills before starting to write. If possible, write about things that you are passionate about. Write down things as they come to mind so you can refer to it at a later time. DON’T STRESS! When you’re stressed, it impacts your ability to think clearly. When you are relaxed and more at ease your thoughts flow more freely.


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