Why Authors Should Do a Virtual Book Tour?

The whole process of writing a book isn’t always easy. From thinking of what to write and who’s going to publish it to maybe even writing a query letter, in the hopes of getting an agent to represent your book is a lot to do. But with that being said, once everything is in place, seeing the dream turn into a reality will be worth it.

The purpose of a virtual book tour is to enhance the author’s platform and reputation through increased online exposure, drive traffic to the author’s website, build relationships with key influencers, and sell books immediately and in the future. You can also use social media to your advantage for all of these goals, if you have plenty of followers, and if not you can simply do a follow exchange before releasing posts.

A virtual tour offers a number of advantages over traditional book tours where authors make appearances at bookstores or other venues in several cities.

  • Virtual tours are generally less expensive and time-consuming than traveling.
  • Authors can reach far more people and a more targeted audience with a virtual tour. In contrast, live author appearances by unknown authors usually have low attendance.
  • The virtual tour provides quality, lasting links to the author’s website. These links have search engine optimization value and may continue to provide new visitors to the author’s website for months or years to come.
  • Authors can conduct a virtual tour from the comfort of home.

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