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What is a Virtual Book Tour?

A Virtual Book Tour means never having to leave your house, yet your appearances will take you all over the world. The exposure is tremendous.  No more lugging books around to signings; all of this is done from the comfort of your own home.  Are you not able to attend book signings in the outside world?  Do you find it’s sometimes a waste of time because you only sell a couple of books at the most?

Every tour stop is different.  Some include interviews, radio interviews, author guest posts, or giveaways. Some just review the book.  The incentive for a blogger to host a tour (aside from a free book) is access to the author through email.  We encourage author involvement!

Authors have reported increased traffic on their websites from our tours and an upswing in their amazon rankings.  It’s hard to gauge the direct impact on sales, but there is always a ripple effect from our tours.  Other bloggers hear about a book, seek it out, and read and review it weeks or months later, starting the cycle all over again.  If tour hosts hold giveaways, then a book can get into the hands of even more bloggers, increasing an author’s online exposure and the buzz surrounding their book even further. Original content is provided to each tour host and you can continue promoting the tour stops even after the tour is over.

Do You Offer Refunds?

No. Unfortunately, all transactions are final as we begin working on your tour immediately.

What do I need to do once my tour starts?

Once your tour starts we encourage the author to visit each blog and leave a comment to the host.  Share to your social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. Encourage them to share with their friends

Why Authors Should Do a Virtual Book Tour?

The purpose of a virtual book tour is to enhance the author’s platform and reputation through increased online exposure, drive traffic to the author’s website, build relationships with key influencers, and sell books immediately and in the future.

A virtual tour offers a number of advantages over traditional book tours where authors make appearances at bookstores or other venues in several cities.

Virtual tours are generally less expensive and time consuming than travelling.

Authors can reach far more people and a more targeted audience with a virtual tour. In contrast, live author appearances by unknown authors usually have low attendance.

The virtual tour provides quality, lasting links to the author’s website. The links have search engine optimization value and may continue to provide new visitors to the author’s website for months or years.

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