On Tour- Flying Solo by J. K. Weller #newbookalert #youngadult #christian #fiction

Scheduled to receive his aeronautical engineering degree in a few months, Chris is determined to gain a career in aviation as an airline pilot. Then tragedy strikes and every part of his life is changed, including his relationship with the woman he loves. 

Chris desperately needs explanations. Somehow, he finds some answers in the midst of chaos. He learns that difficulty can be a good teacher, but that suffering is often the best teacher.

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5 Tips on Promoting your Virtual Book Tour

Getting ready for a book tour of any kind can be a stressful and busy time. Make sure that you’re getting everything planned ahead of time, whether it be going from location to location or website to website. You don’t want to have spent all that effort just to let it slip. Whether it be making sure you’ve sorted out your email marketing to go alongside every page (see here for more advice on that: https://us.epsilon.com/data-driven-marketing-solutions/people-based-marketing-data-solution) or pre-writing the announcements for every stopping point on the tour, pre-planning is the key to success!

1. Before and during your tour, talk about your tour daily (or even several times a day) on Facebook and Twitter and through other social networks – remind your friends and followers where you will be on the tour and when you will be at each stop.

2. Update your website and blog with a schedule of your Virtual Book Tour and include links to all the stops on the tour.

3. Once your tour starts, visit each site on your tour and leave a comment. Also, answer any questions people may have left for you in the comments section of the site.

4. Create a media release announcing your tour and all the stops on the tour. Submit this release to various FREE online media release distribution services, as well as to those on your email subscription lists.

5. If you have a mailing list, send a special mailing to your list announcing your tour.

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