Failure Is Not the Problem… It’s the Beginning of Your Success. By George Milton. Virtual Book Tour. Nov 2- Dec 31, 2020. #nonfiction #leadership #self-help

Going On Tour Aug 10-21, 2020. The Beginners Guide to Wealth Building by R. LaMont. W #finance #nonfiction

On Tour- Flying Solo by J. K. Weller #newbookalert #youngadult #christian #fiction

Scheduled to receive his aeronautical engineering degree in a few months, Chris is determined to gain a career in aviation as an airline pilot. Then tragedy strikes and every part of his life is changed, including his relationship with the woman he loves. 

Chris desperately needs explanations. Somehow, he finds some answers in the midst of chaos. He learns that difficulty can be a good teacher, but that suffering is often the best teacher.

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Does Your Vision Need An Engineer? by Rufus Chambers III

Does Your Vision Need an Engineer? It is a simple question with an answer that may seem to be obvious.  Countless people have dreams and visions, but few are able to translate them into a practical plan that can followed.  Rufus Chambers takes readers on a journey of understanding how to connect a plan of action to their divinely inspired vision.  If you are struggling with understanding what to do next or who to recruit to join your team, this is the book for you.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a vision but being clueless on how to actively pursue.  Rufus will take you into the mind of a vision engineer, whose singular focus is creating a strategic plan that can systematically execute vision.

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