Natasha C. Pointer


Genre: Poetry/ Christian/Autobiography

This tour will run May 26, 2016

About The Author


Born and raised in Fort Myers, FL, Natasha C. Pointer, shares her stories of faith and encouragement through poetry. She serves in ministry at Destiny Life Ministries. Saved by Grace is her first published work and is currently working on her next book Expressions. She is the owner/founder of Mysteri Message-In-A-Bottle.

About The Book


Saved By Grace is an Autobiography told thru poetry about her life, the hardships she faced, but most importantly how she overcame it all through prayer, faith, and steadfastness.

Poetry to touch the lives of others, to inspire someone, to encourage, and to bring joy in someone’s life. This book is filled with great hope for those facing life’s most challenging moments. As a storyteller, Natasha shares where she found her greatest strengths through prayer, faith and her steadfastness.

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